The Academy has been set up by a very experienced teacher of makeup artistry and beauty therapy in addition to this MelVicMakeup aka Melanie Doyle has always worked in the industry as a freelancer in makeup artistry and so has an excellent list of work that she has done including working in LFW working for 'Dame Vivienne Westwood', TV work including Netflix series 'Free Rein', Downton Abby, TV Commercials for Very.co.uk to name but a few, Red Carpet Celebrity Events for 'Coronation Street', Emmerdale, Downton Abby, PR Events including working with Big Nasty, Theatre including working with 'Anne Haggerty from The Chase', Published work in a number of magazines and books and also works freelance for HABIA as an Industry Expert Assessor who has inspected other colleges to ensure they have the highest of standards and was part of the team who worked on the NOS, which is the National Occupational Standards, thus deciding on what changes should be made to the future makeup artistry qualifications. Melanie has an outstanding reputation within the industry and has very close industry contacts that can provide her students with first-rate work experience opportunities such as Beki Goulding a past student who has worked on many TV productions including BBC Drama 'Paradise Island' along with Nadine Mossley who has worked on many Disney films and recently worked on feature film 'Fantastic Beasts' as a trainee which was her first big paid position after leaving the Academy.


It is imperative to choose the right course and for that reason Melanie has open events running throughout the year to ensure students are put onto the right course, if you would like to be sent information regarding these events please fill out the contact form and information will be sent out to you.

You can visit the Academy at any one of the open evening/day events or you can come along at a time to suit you better by contacting Melanie via email info@melvicmakeup.com and a date can be organized for you at some point when classes are not running. You could also book in as a client to have a treatment such as a facial or a makeup for assessments, then you will definitely give you first hand exactly what the Academy is like full swing during a session.


No prior experience is required, however it is sometimes more advisable to go onto a Level 2 program or an introductory course as this will give you a wider knowledge before embarking on a higher level course such as a Level 3. Some of the VTCT qualifications require you to have a Health and Safety qualification before entering onto the main qualification; if you do not already possess this type of qualification you can work on the unit alongside your studies at a small additional charge.


Yes there is lots of paid work and unpaid work experience or networking opportunities out there you just have to have the knowledge to find them and the right information for to help you choose the right type of work to do to help your career progress in the right direction.

It depends on what type of work you want to do as there are many pathways available to a makeup artist or beauty therapist. The media industry is vast and wide and it can take you global and is very lucrative and rewarding, if you see yourself in the television or film industry then there are a number of routes of how to get into the industry. There is the retail industry which can also be a great career that can reward you many opportunities such as working on fashion weeks around the world or working your way up to a counter manager the opportunities are never-ending.

To succeed in the freelance makeup industry you have to be able to have certain basic skills such as enthusiasm, dependability, timekeeping, aspirations, and reliability, enthusiastic even on shoot days where you are shooting in the freezing cold at 5am in the morning in the middle of a farmer’s field for example. In order to get jobs and build an amazing reputation for yourself you have to have above all else excellent skills and the only way to build on your skills is to practice and to do as much work experience as you can, sometimes you will have to do unpaid work experience but in order to learn more this is what you have to do, you need to ask yourself ‘To what extent do I want this career path?’ and if you really want it, you will succeed!


16+ for the majority of courses however 14-16 year olds can attend short courses and teenage grooming and skincare workshops with parental consent.


The answer is ‘Yes’ as each course is tailor made to teach all you need to know for that given course. Some of the courses are intensive and will require you to carryout coursework at home to ensure you have all the skills required to enter a career in your chosen field. Obviously the longer you learn on a course the more you will learn but given that not everyone can attend longer fulltime courses a short course can give you all the skills you need but then you must practice to make yourself perfect once you leave. Some of the courses such as the lashes courses you will have to complete a series of case studies before you can be certified to ensure that you are going into the industry with the highest of standards and professional ethics. Dedication, commitment and ambition is required for all courses and with that and a great educator who can help teach, guide and mentor you, success will be the only option.


You will receive industry ready certificates that are also accredited by VTCT or by ‘The Guild of Beauty Therapists’, all of the qualifications are insurable and some of the qualifications are recognized worldwide which will give you the opportunity to one day work abroad as in some countries you need to gain a license to be a makeup artist or beauty therapist and so proper certified qualifications are a must to your future progression.

You will leave the course with a qualification that is recognizable and shows that you are capable of learning and completing an industry regulated qualification by an industry and current educator that is not only trained to Degree level but also has recognized qualifications, Your tutor will strive to make sure that her students leave the academy with quality education that covers both the practical and the theory of the industry and treatments to give you the best start in your career.


With the longer fulltime courses you will receive a full in-depth knowledge of how to do the correct CV’s, job searching for a variety of different industries, how to make contacts, how to build a reputation, what to have on your website, how to use social media and how to be a freelancer or how to build your own business.

On the short more intensive courses there is not enough time to go through this in-depth with you but on the 1 week intensive courses, your tutor will ensure that you leave with a good depth of knowledge with a 1 hour tutorial and an opportunity to have a discussion at the end of your course about your hopes, dreams and desires.

The ‘Master Classes’ are not designed to teach you how to get into the industry or to give you career advice, however conversations will be struck up during the training session where you can ask questions and your tutor will endeavor to answer the questions within the session.

You can attend the intensive 4 day business course that will teach you everything you need to know to succeed within the industry and how to work as a freelancer, invaluable contacts and much more.


We offer support to all of our students and with some of the courses you will get a portfolio day whereby you can build up your portfolio with images and you will also be invited to events and work experience opportunities as they arise, usually an email will be sent directly to students who have left the academy or if you are studying on a course you will be offered opportunities as they arise and on some courses you will set up events yourself as part of the learning process.

Melanie has managed to take her students to some wonderful opportunities such as the National Television Awards, TV Choice Awards, Soap Awards, Miss World, Dancing Mums, Downton Abby, magazine editorials in A Magazine, Lash Inc Journal and many others as she works freelance herself as an ADCreativ Makeup Artist as a freelancer.

Melanie also has very close contacts with many industry workers who often come to her when they are looking for someone for a job and so you can elect to join the MelVicMakeup Agency.


Yes Melanie will be teaching on the courses herself and will have a presence in most of the classes however as she does still work within the industry sometimes other guest lecturers who also work within the industry will step in to teach on the courses if Melanie is not available, you can read a little about some of the teachers in the ‘About us’ section. Melanie will also be on hand to listen to your needs as a student and is happy to develop courses that you may wish to learn but is not currently on offer at the academy, she believes in students led teaching which means you will always be involved in how you are taught, Melanie likes to work with you to ensure that the training you receive is the training you want and you need.